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''Do I need a Logo to Succeed?'' Maybe without it your business will do just fine. And what about representing your corporate identity with one single spectacular image that will tell the client more than any advertisment.

REGULAR Stickers Printing

90gsm Plain Self Adhesive

Stickers, 64x34 mm
1 side£14
Order 48 Stickers
Order 72 Stickers
Order 120 Stickers
Order 216 Stickers
Order 504 Stickers
Order 1,008 Stickers
Order 1,512 Stickers
Order 2,016 Stickers
2 sides--------
Stickers, 63.5x46.6 mm
1 side£14
Order 36 Stickers
Order 72 Stickers
Order 108 Stickers
Order 216 Stickers
Order 432 Stickers
Order 864 Stickers
Order 1,728 Stickers
Order 2,592 Stickers
2 sides--------
Stickers, 99.1x34 mm
1 side£18
Order 48 Stickers
Order 80 Stickers
Order 112 Stickers
Order 224 Stickers
Order 448 Stickers
Order 896 Stickers
Order 1,792 Stickers
Order 2,688 Stickers
2 sides--------
Stickers, Circular 25mm diameter
1 side£12
Order 70 Stickers
Order 210 Stickers
Order 420 Stickers
Order 840 Stickers
Order 1,260 Stickers
Order 1,680 Stickers
Order 2,520 Stickers
Order 5,040 Stickers
2 sides--------
Stickers, Circular 51mm diameter
1 side£15
Order 60 Stickers
Order 180 Stickers
Order 360 Stickers
Order 750 Stickers
Order 1,110 Stickers
Order 1,860 Stickers
Order 2,610 Stickers
Order 4,470 Stickers
2 sides--------
Stickers, Circular 88mm diameter
1 side£18
Order 60 Stickers
Order 150 Stickers
Order 330 Stickers
Order 720 Stickers
Order 1,050 Stickers
Order 1,410 Stickers
Order 2,460 Stickers
Order 4,800 Stickers
2 sides--------

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Delivery Information

Collect your product free of charge from our office or we can offer you a post delivery with standard fees added. Oxagon puts no company interest on any delivery.

Artwork Design

Are you looking for professional Stickers' design?

FEW WORDS ABOUT Labels / Stickers

Labels and stickers are suitable for companies that have popular product, they sell in massive quantities.

Label Production Technology

Full color labels are the ultimate in labels. Studies have revealed that the use of color increases readership and retention by 50% or more. If your product will be sold in a retail environment then color labels will be critical to your success be prepared to spend some money though. They can be expensive. Full color labels are created through 4 color process printing. Four color processes is a system where a color image is separated into 4 different color values by the use of filters and screens. The result is a color separation of 4 images that when transferred to printing plates and printed on a printing press with the colored inks cyan (Blue), magenta (Red), yellow and black, reproduces the original color image. 

The most effective way to engage the market, generating maximum customer interest is using quality full colour labels, and those can be pretty expensive. The production process includes 4 phases. Each one is related with separation of the colour on four different values (through filtering and screens) and its transfer to four plates. Than printing press is used to consolidate and print these values and coloured inks are used- cyan (Blue), magenta (Red), yellow and black. The result is perfectly reproduced image.

Label Types

  • Pharmaceutical  Labels
  • Weather Proof Labels
  • Personal Address Labels