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''Do I need a Logo to Succeed?'' Maybe without it your business will do just fine. And what about representing your corporate identity with one single spectacular image that will tell the client more than any advertisment.

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VAT Charge Regulations on Flyer and Leaflet Printing

VAT Charge Regulations for Flyers/Leaflets?

According to their content (promotional information with profit potential) some Flyers/Leaflets are subject of VAT Charge:

- VAT is chargeable if your Flyer or Leaflet is used as admission to premises, containing the following or similar words "free admission with this flyer"
- VAT is chargeable if your Flyer or Leaflet is used as a discount voucher on goods or services, using the words "20% off"or similar.
- VAT is chargeable if your Flyer or Leaflet has a blank area (space) designed to be written on.

Delivery Information

Collect your product free of charge from our office or we can offer you a post delivery with standard fees added. Oxagon puts no company interest on any delivery.

Artwork Design

Are you looking for professional Flyers' Design?


Every company needs proper advertising tool and flyers distribution is a popular and low cost, but still effective way. Oxagon can provide you with custom designed flyers that could generate a lot of interest on your company and its products.

Custom Flyer Definition

A The flyer is e custom designed written single sheet of paper that represents your company services, listing and focusing reader's attention on the benefits and advantages that come with these services. It can come out in single or multiple colours and big variety of shapes and sizes.

Budget Determination

Now that you have an idea of what a custom flyer is the next step is establishing your budget.  Your budget depends on a few key factors:

  • Quantity
  • Distribution
  • Quality

How much are you willing to spend? What kind of distribution do you want? How long will the information in the flyer be relevant? What type of printing will you need, one or two color or full color process? These are questions that have to be asked to determine the amount you are willing to spend. Your custom flyer printer should be able to give you an idea of the different color, layout, and pricing options available. Your expenses depend on certain specifications: type of printing and distribution, colours, quantity, quality of the materials, etc. Once clarified these specs you will be able precisely to calculate your budget.

Innovation IDEAS

The digital printing process has recently made printing more efficient and less expensive which all benefits you, the customer.  Here a few reasons how: Latest digital  techniques offer great new opportunities making significant improvements in the efficiency and  cost of printing - easy to modify,  portable, durable. Now you can transfer digital images via different electronic deliverables (CD-ROMs, e-mail) within seconds. Short runs now are optional because the set up expenses are relatively low which generates more client opportunities. All updates can be done fast.

Custom Flyer Design 

Gather all the relevant information, than start looking for a professional design solution creating a quality product is a demanding process, Oxagon offers you a customized top quality design – our products have perfect symmetry, well balanced proportions and content. More successful are the full colour design, they attract more attention and generate better business results. Always try to keep a simple, direct and clear message at the front cover, with impressive, engaging design. Focus on the overall content and creative graphics as well, because they are essential.  Make sure you synthesize the right information package, it is far from easy but you will be surprised with the results.