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Dear Customer,

"Is my artwork printable?" What works, what doesn’t?" How should I position it?”Is it in a suitable format?" Are my drafts sized correctly?" Will my order be trimmed and finished precisely"
These are just part of the printing services enquiries we get from our customers on daily basis. Placing your order and getting your artwork processed with confidence in the quality of the final product results to be quite tricky and challenging.

To be able to save both time and effort for our customers, we thoroughly analyzed the most common printing design issues and problematic artwork aspects creating a simple, customer-friendly design help tool. The above provided visualization gives you detailed information regarding all the essential aspects of your artwork: layout, alignment, size, trimming border ("bleed”, "frame"), "crop" (trimming) marks.

Please familiarize yourself with our visual artwork design guide. This will make the print proof, upload and order procedures hassle free and will ensure your complete peace of mind.

We pride ourselves with the consistency and flexibility of our company. The high-quality and reliability of our products are strictly controlled, but the actual design source - the artwork (including size and layout) is the only element the customer is responsible for. Relying on years of experience our experts would like to give you some useful hint and tips to help you get excellent final product.

Prepare Your Artwork

Board ("Bleed", "Frame") - once printed your order needs to be finished. This involves a process called trimming. The draft printouts are cut down to their relevant size. To ensure the perfect look of the final product we require all our customers to provide a 3mm (1.5mm on each side) border around the edges of the artwork. Also position "crop" marks following the trimming lines.

Size - Sizing your artwork correctly is essential. Shall you have any hesitations please use the dimensions provided here (we operate all sizes up to SRA3):

  • A7- 74x105 mm
  • A6 - 105x148 mm
  • A5 - 148x210 mm
  • A4 - 210x297 mm
  • A3 - 297x420 mm
  • DL (1/3 A4) - 210x99 mm
  • Business Card Size: 85mm X 55mm

N.B. Please do not leave a simple blank frame around the artwork. Shall you have a full colour design please amend it accordingly- the raw printouts will be trimmed and this may affect the final product.

Layout - When creating your artwork please position the text content precisely. For maximum readability we would advise you to keep it within a minimum of 3mm distance from the edges of the artwork. Minor declinations are possible when finishing your order, so leaving a 3mm internal border between the edges and the text content will ensure the high quality of the final product. Always provide each page (side) as a separate correctly sized file.

Printing Quality - It is your responsibility to provide us with suitable file formats. We will print exactly what you give us. It is a good idea to get your printing design print proof before processing your order. Shall you have any doubts or problems with the quality of your design our design experts will be happy to help. Proofing of your print will cost £ 10.00 and our artwork amendments and re-design rates start from as low as £15.00. For further details contact our sales team.

We operate all PC file formats, so we never say no - it is the quality of the final products that could be seriously corrupted. To ensure the high quality of your printing order we would advise you to supply your design considering the following quality tips:

  • Convert your artwork to a vector format file.
  • When uploading your artwork source it in a professional high quality file format - .EPS or .PDF (pre-press quality) are vector formats and among the best options.
  • Shall you use a raster format file as a source, please make sure that the raster image is large enough. It should correspond to the chosen final product size and have 300 dpi as a minimum to result in a quality guaranteed product.

We hope that the above given information will help you get your artwork ready to print in an easy and hassle free way. Using Oxagon Design Help Tool will give an easy access to our high quality printing services.

Should you face any design issues you can't handle or need further details regarding your artwork upload, please feel free to contact our expert consultants - we are happy to help. Oxagon Printing team stays at your disposal.

Looking forward receiving your printing designs.

Oxagon Team