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''Do I need a Logo to Succeed?'' Maybe without it your business will do just fine. And what about representing your corporate identity with one single spectacular image that will tell the client more than any advertisment.

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VAT Charge Regulations on Flyer and Leaflet Printing

VAT Charge Regulations for Flyers/Leaflets?

According to their content (promotional information with profit potential) some Flyers/Leaflets are subject of VAT Charge:

- VAT is chargeable if your Flyer or Leaflet is used as admission to premises, containing the following or similar words "free admission with this flyer"
- VAT is chargeable if your Flyer or Leaflet is used as a discount voucher on goods or services, using the words "20% off"or similar.
- VAT is chargeable if your Flyer or Leaflet has a blank area (space) designed to be written on.


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Collect your product free of charge from our office or we can offer you a post delivery with standard fees added. Oxagon puts no company interest on any delivery.

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Are you looking for professional Flyers' Design?

Every business, product or service promotional campaign has it structure and specific elements.  Leaflet & Flyers distribution has proven to be a great asset that can generate a lot of interest on your company. It is affordable and the results are quick. Oxagon Ltd can make the difference for successful outcome of your campaign. Get it cheap with us.

If you urgently need leaflet distribution to promote and improve your business results, but you have limited budget and you can’t afford it, Oxagon Ltd. has fast, effective and on first place low cost solution – Black & White leaflets and flyers. We supply any client within London and UK, our products’ top quality is consistent, so you can always count on impressive and unique design that perfectly represents your company’s identity. All types, sizes and styles of leaflets & flyers are available.

We offer economical, test market Black & White printing on 80gsm white paper. This is very smart decision if you really would like to get impression of a certain market, without making major blind investment.

Our presentational skills enable us to create eye-catching yet easy-to-read graphic design / leaflet solutions. We understand what makes an effective design